Saturday, 24 March 2007

Sony Playstation 3

The new Sony Playstation 3 has just been released yesterday, on Friday 23rd. This is a major release as the console has exclusive games, a blu-ray player, free online play and downloadable games, also available on the Xbox 360. Although, there are some cons as well; the price - in the UK - £425; US - $600. The controller design is also not very appealing towards buyers. The sixaxis controller may have tilt sensors but there is no longer rumble. Sony are looking to make a controller which does have the rumble feature, but you will have to buy another controller.

There is also problems with playing Playstation 2 games - with the changes in hardware the European system won't be able to play as many PS2 games as the Japanese or US.

The PS3 is a great piece of technology but it's missing a lot of features other new consoles have. It's recommended you think if you need one right now or not.

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