Saturday, 17 March 2007

Should I upgrade to Windows Vista?

When I first looked at Windows Vista my first thoughts were that Vista was going to be a user friendly and safe experience for a new operating system, but as always it isn't always perfect. I recommend not upgrading to Windows Vista until at least Service Pack 1 gets released. Then you won't have to worry about any of the errors. At present, Windows Vista is still in beta. Most advanced users will upgrade to Vista because it will be a breeze for them to upgrade. For home users it will not be very easy, especially for those who are not sure about what you need to do.

I have ordered a Windows Vista Basic express upgrade kit from HP, for less than half the price as my computer model appeared to be entitled to this upgrade program. I won't be upgrading my computer until most people are running Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Ultimate edition has many features that Home Basic and Premium don't have, such as the Ultimate extras which are extra programs exclusive to Windows Vista Ultimate users, and the Flip 3D interface; which is also in Home Premium and Business (pictured right). Any more extras that become available can be downloaded from the Microsoft website for Ultimate users.
The Ultimate team have released a Windows Vista Ultimate kiosk video. The video explains all the features of the operating system including, at the end, the Windows Vista Ultimate extras. Enjoy.

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